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It’s here!!! SMART Scaffolder 2016 has been released





The latest and best ever version of our market leading scaffolding estimating software is also the fastest because it now makes the most of 64 bit computers and their operating systems, including Windows 10!

Also new in version 2016 is the introduction of yet another leading brand of system scaffolding, ‘Plettac Metrix’.

The ‘Schedule IT’ module has been much improved and extended by popular demand and now provides new ‘Lead-In’ descriptions and new ‘Lift Logic’ and ‘Preferred Drop Height’ features to improve flexibility which means that ‘Schedule IT’ is the fastest way ever to input scaffolds into a computer program!

SMART Scaffolder 2016 is best and most popular software for estimating Scaffold prices quickly and accurately, complete with a detailed breakdown of overheads and profit margins! Once the estimate is complete the ‘quote IT’ module automatically produces a customised quotation complete with a covering letter and necessary clauses.

Automatic detailed ‘kit-lists’ and drawings together with the new ‘BIM Toolbox’ make SMART Scaffolder the complete software solution for Scaffolding professionals!

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