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SMART Apps latest release – 4.0

The latest update of the SMART Handovers and SMART Inspector apps has now been released

Version 4 of the apps is a major upgrade that lets you record diary notes, photos, audio and video against a scaffold. The apps even allow you to get a transcript from the audio or the video. These diary entries can then be viewed on the management console; you can read the transcript or listen/watch the full recording.


Diary summary Record an audio file and automatically create a written version

The new functionality allows you to:

  • Record the progress of the scaffold build or dismantle
  • Record any problems such as lack of access or a conflict with other works
  • Record to show the site is clear when you have completed the job

All of this is sent back from the app to the management console, so those in the office can track the progress of the work and be aware of issues. The automatic transcript of the audio and video records makes it easy to find the diary entries when you need them, along with the easy-to-use searching and filtering. You have the option to tag diary entries, for example you could set up the tag “site issue”, to make it easy find and report on.

It’s a great tool to help with any disagreements when it comes to your application for payment!

There are lots of other uses for capturing videos on site and recording them on the console. You can even record video clips during a pre-contract site inspection or risk assessment and send them back to the office.


Diary functionality on the desktop console
Search diary entries on the desktop console


Diary note details

Access notes, photos, audio and video on the desktop console


The release was sent to existing customers on the 30th September. If you would like to know more about our apps then please click here.

To speak to our experts to arrange a demonstration or a trial please contact us.


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