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SMART Apps Site import feature

Do you use SMART Estimator?

If so you can import estimates into the SMART Handover and SMART Inspector apps to quickly setup sites, customers, contacts and scaffolds


Export from SMART Estimator

To export an estimate from SMART Estimator select “Projects” and click on the “Export to Web Console” button to save the file to your computer.


Click the “Import” button

Navigate to the sites list of the web console and click the “Import” button in the top right. Browse to the file you just exported from SMART Estimator and click “Next”.


Check the site details

Check that the site name and address and if necessary select a depot. Once you are happy click the “Next” button.


Check the customer details

If the customer is not already on the system you can add them here. All the customer’s details entered into SMART Estimator will be available. Check all the other settings are correct and click “Next”.


Check the customer contacts

To add a new contact click on the “Add contact” button and fill in the required details. Delete any unnecessary contacts by clicking the trash icon. Once happy click “Next”.


Check the scaffolds

All scaffolds will be grouped by item. Complete any missing details or you can do this later if you prefer. Uncheck any scaffolds you don’t want to import by clicking the checkbox. Once done click “Save” and that’s it. All that remains is adding staff and you are ready to go.

Try the import feature now and set up your first site in seconds.

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