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Why get certified?

Customers who use our software join a fast growing club of professional users. As a SMART Scaffolder user we will also provide access to our online forums, where users can share queries, comments and get advice in a moderated environment. Companies who are looking to employ a SMART Scaffolder user can also use the form below to validate their status.

CADS will acknowledge your proficiency using the software through our User certification scheme. From Bronze, through Silver and on to Gold, your certification will show your employers and others in the industry your SMART Scaffolder competence . This Certification is personal to you and will always stay with you, regardless as to whom you work with.

A certificate is issued to you as you achieve each of the three certification levels. These levels are based on a combination of training, time using the software and project examples and are assessed by CADS.


bronzeBronze Certification is awarded to users of SMART Scaffolder who have successfully completed a handover with CADS following their purchase of the software.




silverSilver Certification is awarded to experienced users using the SMART Scaffolder software suite. Project examples are required for this level for assessment by CADS. Time spent using software, any training undertaken and quality of project(s) are assessed for this certificate level.




goldGold certification is awarded to expert ‘super’ users with broad experience using the SMART Scaffolder software suite. Project examples are required for this level for assessment by us. Time spent using the software, training undertaken and the quality of project(s) are all factors in the award of this prestigious certification.



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