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Welcome to the online support page. You will find answers to regularly asked questions here as well as downloads for various user guides, quotation templates and tutorials. If you can’t find what you are looking for use the button below to ask our support team and we may even publish your question and the answer.

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What labour pricing methods are available for each scaffold type

What are the system requirements?

Latest release notes

    1. How do I take a picture/screenshot of my 3D model?

Within the Model IT module, select Options from the toolbar, then select the “copy picture” button. This will copy a picture of your model to the clip board, you can then right click and paste the picture into another location, i.e. your quote, a Word document, an email etc.


    1. The Software can’t detect my licence?

If when you launch the software you get an error stating the licences can’t be detected, you can check the following:

      • If you have a green dongle, is it inserted with the red LED illuminated
      • If you have a network dongle, has it been configured in the “CADS hardware key update utility”
      • If you have a time limited dongle whilst paying in instalments, has it timed out? You can check in the “CADS hardware key update utility”
      • If you have a cloud licence, do you have an active internet connection
      • If you have a cloud licence, are any other machines using the software as your number of licences limits the number of concurrent users

If none of these are the cause, please contact CADS Technical Support


    1. How do I import a PDF via the BIM Toolbox

To import a site plan PDF into BIM Toolbox, open the background drop down in the toolbar and select “import” and then open the desired PDF file. Once it’s imported you can scale the drawing by opening the background drop down and selecting “scale” and “scale by length”. Then choose a line on the drawing you know the length of, click on the beginning of the line and again at the end , and then type the length in the tool tip box and hit enter. Now the PDF will have been scaled based on this length and you can open drawplan and trace around the drawing to create your scaffold.
Please note the “Import PDF as image” will bring the plan in as a flat image, you will not be able to scale it or interact with the plan in drawplan.


    1. How do I add Readylok transoms to my tube and fit scaffold?

To apply Readylok transoms to your tube and fit scaffold, click on the “tools” option on the top bar. Then click the transoms drop down and select “system transoms” then click on the scaffold you wish to add the Readylok transoms to. The transoms will now show in the material list etc rather than tubes.


    1. Why does my price sheet count inner standards for attached scaffolds?

The “Standards” pricing method for estimating scaffold labour counts standard positions and lifts. When an attachable scaffold, such as a buttress, is attached to an independent scaffold then the inner standards / shared standards are counted by this method for the independent AND for the attached scaffold. This method is used throughout, as it is easy to understand and predict. However you choose to estimate, all in one item or as separate quote items, the count will be predictable and consistent.

  1. What are the minimum mobile device requirements?

The apps will run on the latest Android and Apple mobile phones and the desktop console runs in any modern browser. You can see the full system requirements here.

  1. My Sites aren’t showing on my apps?

If you have created sites on you web console, but they aren’t showing on you app, please check the following:

  • Check you are assigned to the site as a staff member in the site detail section, only sites you are assigned to will show in the app
  • Ensure the site has at least one contact set up, a site without a contact set up will not show in the app. You can create contacts in the Contract section of the site
  • Ensure you are logging in using the correct user account ( you should be logging in using the same username and password for the web console as for the app)


  1. How do I download the SMART handovers and Inspector apps?

The apps are available to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Appstore, simply search for either SMART Inspector or SMART Handovers and click install


  1. My inspection/handover isn’t showing on the web console?

If you have completed a handover/inspection and it’s not showing on the web console, please check that:

  • Your mobile device is connected to the internet
  • Try a manual sync using the sync button on the home screen
  • The inspection/handover has been completed and submitted and isn’t in the awaiting progress section of the app ( if the inspection/handover is incomplete the “submit” button will read “save/sign for later” )
  • If you have submitted a high number of inspections/handovers they can take a few minutes to process, try waiting 10 minutes and refreshing your web console


  1. My client hasn’t received a scheduled inspection report or handover email?
  • Check the email address for the client is correct in the Contract section of the site
  • Check the inspections/handovers have been synced ( if they haven’t been synced they won’t be visible in the web console or report section
  • Ask the client to check the email hasn’t landed in their spam/junk folder


  1. How do I add my logo to my reports?

In the company setup section of the web console, this can be accessed by hovering over the cog symbol in the top right of the web console

Web console

Below you can find templates for both a full quotation and a summary quotation. These can be downloaded ready for import into the Quote IT module of SMART Estimator.

To download and install the templates click on either the full or summary quote below, a zip file will either start downloading automatically or you may be prompted if you wish to save the file. Click Yes to save the file.

Once the file has been downloaded, right click it and select “extract all”. This will present you with the MITQ file you can then import into SMART Estimator Quote IT using the “Import quote” button.

Full quotation

Full Quotation


Download full quotation

A detailed scaffolding quotation letter, including a cover page, summary table and details of each scaffolding item.

This is the a default full quote template available with SMART Estimator which you can use as a starting template, adding your own company logo, details and other information.


Summary quotation

Summary Quotation

Download summary quotation

A short summary scaffolding quotation letter, including a cover page and summary table.
This is the a default summary quote template available with SMART Estimator which you can use as a starting template, adding your own company logo, details and other information.

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