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So you have just bought SMART Estimator… Now what?

With some software the next step may be a 2 month training course but with SMART Estimator you can produce a quote from a schedule, a 3D model or even a site plan in under 10 minutes.

Why not start the software, grab a coffee and follow along with the quick video guides below.

  1. Scheduling with SMART Estimator. The client has given you a schedule of scaffolds or the dimensions of the building. Our first 10 minute guide shows how to turn that into a professional quote and send it to your customer.
  2. Modelling with SMART Estimator. If you have the dimensions of the building you can very quickly produce a 3D model of the property, with your scaffold erected and even attach the image to you final quote.
  3. Using SMART Estimator’s BIM Toolbox. One of SMART Estimator’s much lauded features is the ability to import a pdf site plan into the software and with just a few clicks be able to generate a model and quotation.

Video tutorials

Watch this space for more getting started guides coming soon but if in the mean time you need some help then get in touch with our UK support team who are always ready and willing to provide you with any help you may need.

You can call them on 01202 603733 or use click the link to contact support

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