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Powered by SMART ScaffolderScaffolding professionals tell us about the positive effects SMART Scaffolder has had on their business; whether it be increased profitability, labour and time savings or winning new business. Meanwhile their customers appreciate the accurate 3D models, drawings and TG20 compliant projects that have become essential to them. It is no surprise then that SMART Scaffolder has become the software solution of choice for the scaffolding industry.




When you purchase SMART Scaffolder you join a rapidly growing community of users. CADS, the developer behind SMART Scaffolder is a world renowned provider of engineering software, so you know you are in good hands and with the help of the ‘Powered by SMART Scaffolder’ logo so do your customers!
Using SMART Scaffolder can enhance your image and underline your commitment to excellence in providing accurate quotations, drawings, models and analysis reports. SMART Scaffolder users can gain real business advantages through this association and ultimately the high quality tenders and costings they produce.
Many of our customers have asked us for permission to use the SMART Scaffolder branding to underline their professional use of the software to their clients. For this reason we have developed the ‘Powered by SMART Scaffolder’ logo for all of our SMART Scaffolder users to utilise on letters, quotes, websites or other correspondence.
To obtain the logo just click on the link below and provide your company name and your contact details. We will then check our customer records to ensure you are eligible before responding with the logo for your stationary and HTML code for embedding the logo in your website.

Request the logo
This logo is ONLY for use by SMART Scaffolder customers. It is illegal to use this logo unless authorised by CADS Computer and Design Services Limited – The developer and copyright owner of SMART Scaffolder

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