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Anton Scaffolding Ltd

We have been using Smart scaffolder for the last month. It was exactly what our company needed to help take us to the next level. From the first online consultation I was really impressed. It is relatively easy to use but the team at Smart scaffolder are always there to assist you as you navigate the programme should you need them. I particularly like the 3D models that you can create and I have found that this makes explaining a job with a client much easier. The quotation templates are also very good and just add another level of professionalism to the business. I would recommend giving this a go and seeing what the programme can offer your business.

F&I Group

We purchased Smart scaffolder as we were struggling to find a platform that suited all of our different clients, we work with a lot of new build companies and councils which all have different requirements. Across the board we have had positive feedback on the new system. Our clients find it easier to track each stage of the job, this especially works well when the site manager/ project managers go on annual leave, as their cover can quickly see where they are up to with everything. From our admin side it has significantly reduced the workload as it populates all the data for you, everything then can be downloaded easily using the reports feature. As a whole our company and clients are working more symbiotically. This system has been a game changer for us going paperless, with all the professional legal documents it produces, we would highly recommend Smart scaffolder.

Culmex Scaffolding Ltd

Smart Estimator has revolutionised the way we approach scaffolding design and quoting. Gone are the days of tedious manual calculations and estimations. With Smart Estimator, we can quickly and accurately produce detailed layouts 3d designs and quotes. The system is user-friendly and provides a clear breakdown of costs, making it easy to communicate with our clients. Additionally, the support team is always available to answer any questions and offer assistance when needed. We highly recommend Smart Estimator to anyone in the scaffolding industry looking to streamline their processes.

Sheaf Scaffolding Services Ltd

"The software is unreal and has blown my mind how quick you can import google earth images and site plans to give you the ability to draw around the buildings to create 3D models. This really helps us seal the deal with new & existing clients. Thanks to all your team members for showcasing the software and supporting our growth."

SMD Scaffolding

"SMART Estimator has had an enormous impact on our business. The 3D modelling tool allows us to create precisely what the client needs from us. We have received some extremely positive feedback from our client base, this is something that greatly enhances our opportunities of securing further projects. Very beneficial to us as a business and would most definitely recommend."

Lawton Bros Scaffolding Contractors

"I bought Smart Estimator as way of creating more professional looking quotes and to make the process a little easier and it has done just that. I have had some great feedback from many of my customers with a few of them saying that they now use my quotes and images as part of their main quotes which I think is amazing. Smart Estimator also allows me to create a decent images of how I want the scaffold to be built which I use on job sheets that I give to my teams along with site photos in order to give as much information as I can for the scaffolds being erected which is again very beneficial to me. For me, Smart Estimator has been a great tool to use and I would highly recommend.”


"Having benefited from SMART Estimator for years we were keen to see what SMART Inspector and SMART Handovers could do for us. Both have been great and the new ability to record all variation requests with photos and a digital signature means we always invoice the full amount due."
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Mid Sussex Scaffolding Ltd

“We have found the SMART Handover app very useful and a good way of saving time and paperwork. Our clients have been impressed with the professional appearance of the handover certificates and found it clear and easy to understand. The other thing that has impressed me is the way you can record the condition of the materials; especially ladders, ropes and wheels etc. I would strongly recommend this app to any scaffold company that does a lot of site work in particular as you can add lifts as you work progressively.”
Mid Sussex Scaffolding

Lindway Scaffolding Ltd

SMART Inspector is easy to use and saves lots of time. We used to take our paper based inspections back to the office to enter them onto a PC to produce pdf reports for our customers.

DaMar Scaffolding Ltd

"DaMar Scaffolding Ltd have been using the SMART Inspector desktop/mobile app since its trial days and it is getting better with every update. Support does great in listening to its customers' input. Very good for paperless audits."
DaMar Scaffolding

OneStepHigher Scaffold Safety

"The SMART Scaffolder 2017 software loaded onto my laptop a real treat, and it only took a couple of clicks, I was so impressed. Using your YouTube video tutorials is a great help to get the best out of the SMART Scaffolder software. I have been reading all the clauses in the quotations for starters, they have really moved on, lots of information which we never used when I was pricing work, it makes the old way of doing things positively medieval and now, more importantly, more cost effective. What an asset for any Scaffolding company."

Ducker & Young Scaffolding

"SMART Scaffolder has made us more efficient, more cost effective, our quotes are presented better than they were originally and our customers have a level of assurance that we are using the latest technology."
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R.O.M. Scaffolding

"The recent purchase of SMART Scaffolder has contributed to our company winning major contracts within our local area. We can produce a full quote alongside drawings, a 3D model and a TG20 report within a couple of hours of receiving the tender documents. If I incorporate BIM into this it can be even faster using the PDF drawings. I believe it puts you one step ahead of the competition."
R.O.M. Scaffolding

PMC Scaffold & Access

"The new software is great, had a few tricky jobs lately with clients changing their mind half way through. The ease of pulling a job from the library, adapting it and sending it back is seamless. I really appreciate the training and guidance."
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Smart Scaffolding

"Using Smart Scaffolder enables us to do what we do best... ‘Smart Scaffolding'"
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DaMar Scaffolding

DaMar Scaffolding "SMART Scaffolder is the extra man in the office we thought we could not afford and with the excellent support team that actually supports its customers it is well worth the cost."

DaMar Scaffolding


"We use Smart Scaffolder software to help us streamline and better organise scaffolding jobs, keep costs down and our clients happy. We’ve found that this is the intelligent way to compile comprehensive quotations that give our clients the most accurate information possible about the job, ensuring there are no margins for error. Our software also has the capability to ensure quotes and drawings are TG20 compliant."


Burflex "Using SMART Scaffolder software Burflex are able to produce and test scaffolding to a TG:20 standard which means you can rest easy knowing you have a solid compliant structure to work with."

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"Since using SMART Scaffolder I have continued to excel when planning and estimating jobs, because Model IT helps to visualise all aspects of the job, ensuring everything is covered from the load list to the costings. Capturing the 3d image to show within your quotation, helps customers to understand the completed project and it is highly satisfying when the model looks like the final scaffold and inspires you to make it as realistic it can be."
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SPUR Scaffold Solutions

"As a newly established company, purchasing the SMART Scaffolder software has gave us the edge over our competitors. The client can visualise the scaffold before it goes up."

CPH Scaffolding

"Smart scaffolder has enabled our estimating team to keep up with current TG20 legislation and helps our clients to visualise their scaffolding requirements from the detailed 3d models of their project." Colin Haskett (Owner)
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Skill-Scaff Ltd

"SMART Scaffolder was really easy to learn and now means we can offer next day designs and quotes. The fact that the software produces professional drawings has meant that instead of waiting up to 3 weeks for a pavement licence we got one in 2 days. The council commented on the quality of the drawings and we didn’t have to pay for the designs!"
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